Our Story

It is one thing to say that you do things differently – we actually do.

Since Troy & Tracey Kearney started a new era of real estate in Bathurst, just over 5 years ago, we have continued to remain at the forefront of real estate trends. We continue to invest in ourselves, and now, as Westate, we have the opportunity to take another step forward – for Bathurst.

Our clients and customers are the keystone of what we do. Westate allows us to bring in even more technology to truly set us apart when it comes to the real estate journey. No more cookie-cutter approach to the customers that we know best.

We believe that a bespoke approach to each encounter facilitates longer relationships – ensuring success in all facets.With full customization across marketing, brand management, communication and data; we can hone our craft and ensure continued improvement to help more people in the Central West achieve property success.    

A desire to be different fuels success in many forms; to set trends is to lead the way.